– After-sales services:
After-sales services follow the customer from the time of purchase of the crane.
With its expert personnel, HC Industrie offers comprehensive after-sales assistance, which is viewed as a critical lever to support the commercial success of the business. That’s why major resources are invested in building the loyalty of installers, to create an efficient network to support customers and develop a relationship of trust with the market.

– Genuine original replacement parts:
HC Industrie insists on the use of genuine original replacement parts in order to guarantee optimal performance at all times, even in the most adverse application conditions. Each HC Industrie genuine replacement part delivers the same technical-performance characteristics as the original components of the crane installed in the factory at the time of production. The correct safety level of the crane is guaranteed only when original replacement parts are used. HC Industrie’s authorised workshops are in direct communication with the HC Industrie parts warehouse, providing all the necessary replacement parts for the range in a strategy designed to deliver absolute satisfaction in the area of customer service.

– Preventive maintenance:
Preventive maintenance is the correct approach to ensure our cranes are always completely efficient and safe, capable of providing continuous duty without problems, avoiding downtimes and unforeseen repairs.
Preventive maintenance of the cranes can be handled by HC Industrie authorised workshops, with a customised service based on the user’s needs in compliance with the prescriptions issued by the parent company.
Complying fully with the prescribed maintenance schedules means the employer is complying fully with its legal obligations, apart from testifying to the fact that the crane is looked after by experts with all the necessary care and attention to ensure the utmost reliability. It’s a real and tangible investment destined to endure through time.

– Design service on request:
Our engineering department is at the disposal of customers for the design of all types of crane, from 0.1 to 20t; our flexibility and short lead times in the construction of all types of lifting equipment make our company the ideal partner of vehicle bodybuilders and machinery manufacturers, from self-propelled handling machines for use in special environments, to earthmoving machinery, shipyards and many other sectors.