HC INDUSTRIE has revolutionised the traditional understanding of high capacity truck-mounted loader cranes. These machines stand out due to their exceptional lifting performance with a configuration that reduces structural dimensions to the minimum with the aim of limiting the tare weight. This is made possible thanks to the use of special materials, first and foremost exceptionally high yield strength steels, which offer incredible levels of resistance with an optimised performance-weight ratio. That’s why we can offer a range of cranes of uncompromising quality.
Finally, we pay painstaking attention to reliability, which is perfectly reconciled with the dynamic performance that is an integral feature of the very concept of a hydraulic crane.

HC 250
HC 250 BC
HC 250 JIB XL-L-M new
HC 280
HC 280 BC
HC 280 JIB XL-L new
HC 300
HC 300 BC
HC 300 JIB XL-L-M new
HC 330
HC 330 BC
HC 330 JIB XL-L new
HC 350
HC 350 BC
HC 350 JIB XL-L new
HC 370-R
HC 370-R BC
HC 370-R JIB XL-L new