GREEN Hydraulic Cranes


NEW GREEN eco sustainable cranes and mini cranes by HC Industrie



HC cranes: it’s the sun that provides the lifting power!

Our NEW GREEN cranes are equipped with solar panels and batteries connected to a power pack. This system allows the generator to recover and use solar power, making the entire system environmentally neutral.

Thanks to their solar technology, NEW GREEN hydraulic cranes by HC Industrie allow energy recovery and guarantee zero CO2 emissions.

The use of photovoltaic systems is a guarantee of appreciable savings on fuel bills, and it is promoted in Italy by means of incentives and tax breaks. HC Industrie NEW GREEN cranes offer major benefits: they not only reduce costs for customers, they also aid respect for the environment.

NEW GREEN cranes, compatible with all types of vehicles from trucks to trailers, tractors, 4x4s and pick-ups, are ideal for a wide range of activities in towns and rural areas: building construction, agriculture, forestry sites, garden centres and ground care businesses, bee-keeping, waste collection, car and light trailer recovery, the tourism sector, plus miscellaneous maintenance activities (also for sports facilities and football pitches). HC vehicle-mounted cranes are the ideal solution for keeping cities cleaner.
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