About us

HC Industrie is a new company rooted in the industrial tradition of Emilia Romagna and specifically in the province of Reggio Emilia, renowned as a centre of excellence in the industrial lifting sector. HC Industrie builds on a strong local connotation, expanding its horizons towards the global scenario of today’s production system. That’s why HC Industrie is striving to exploit the new opportunities offered by developing countries, taking a special interest in relations with emerging industrial countries in the Mediterranean region. This policy means that HC Industrie is preparing the ground for a highly integrated and synergic system to harvest the best opportunities on the market, all aspects that combine to optimise the competitive edge of the business. This organisational economic benefit has a positive knock-on effect also on our partners, especially dealers and installers, who are thus placed in the position to offer a top quality product at a competitive price.

HC Industrie is a new fast-growing company, staffed by personnel with consolidated experience in the lifting equipment field, bringing unique know-how and expertise to the company and hence to HC cranes.
The company is dedicated to building safe loader cranes that are capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding customers. HC Industrie has the classic structure of an Italian SME, oriented in accordance with an industrial philosophy based on series production without renouncing the flexibility that typifies small businesses and makes it possible to offer a perfect fit with the requirements of all customers.
HC Industrie’s current product range features models from the smallest 3t model up to our 20t crane, with business plans outlining an extension to include models up to 30t in the future. All our cranes are complete with all the accessories and safety systems required by the standards in force in the loader cranes sector.
Our brand is a synonym of quality and reliability, as proven by the many requests received from customers who have shown their trust and belief in HC cranes, trust and belief that the company recognises by supplying a rapid assistance service to minimise possible downtimes.
Quality is guaranteed by the use of 3D CAD systems during the design stage and by accurate industrialisation during prototype construction.
Also production organisation contributes to the accomplishment of consistently high quality standards. HC Industrie has an internal production flow control system, from incoming materials inspection up to final testing of the crane. The company also controls quality by creating a relationship of loyalty with suppliers, especially suppliers of structural steelwork, which is the essential element for the quality of the completed loader crane.
HC Industrie load handling solutions are based on the requirements of customers. HC cranes are used with full satisfaction in multiple sectors, including construction sites, forestry, industry, waste disposal, recycling and any sector that needs absolutely safe and reliable machines.
Our goal is to grow the company by investing in facilities and in the acquisition of companies operating in related sectors with which to develop decisive manufacturing and commercial synergies.